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Put Out Love

When you are not being challenged, the best thing you can do is put out love.

I suggest you put out love by learning and enjoying yourself as well as helping others.

These are all positive actions that make you feel good.

When you feel good, you put out love within yourself and to the world.

Learning means pushing yourself beyond your usual limits. This might mean taking on a do-it- yourself project, or cooking a new dish. Perhaps you're teaching your body stamina by getting in better shape. But of course learning also means picking up a book of wisdom and studying something. You might even begin to practice a language you used to know. "Parlez-vous français ?"

What I mean by enjoying yourself also includes “active rest.” This means enjoying an easy-to- read good book, or putting on some music just to feel yourself move, not to reach a goal. You might take a leisure walk and talk to a friend or listen to something that inspires you. Active rest includes a small diet of your favorite movies and TV shows, but don't let that be all you do when you rest. And by all means, limit your news intake to help you stay positive.

Volunteering is still possible in this world of sheltering in place. For example, the Red Cross is in dire need of blood. Consider making an appointment to give blood. If you have been associated in the past with any non-profit, ask them how you can help now. If you want to learn where you can volunteer, check out Volunteer Match at

The gist of what I mean is feed your body, heart, mind and soul goodness. When you feel good, you are happy. Happiness sends out different energy than doom and gloom.

Worry only puts out negativity and rarely solves a problem.

If you are not challenged, you can support the world by adding positivity. You do this because you have made yourself happy thereby making it easy for you to be loving to others.

Keeping your energy up is a skill. Some people are champions and in the finals of Wimbledon, while others of us are just learning how to hold a tennis racket for the first time. Wherever you are on the continuum of being positive, your attempts have a global and personal positive effect.

Remember, wash your hands, keep 6 feet apart, and have a good time.

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