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Mattering: Acts of Kindness

Updated: May 25, 2020

We rise by lifting others.

Mattering is another way of saying that you are living meaningfully. According to my teacher, Dr. Charles Brown, to live a meaningful life means to improve your talents, wisdom and character so you can perform acts of kindness and make others happy.

Today, we will focus on why acts of kindness are part of living a meaningful life.

It's very exciting to experience joy and goodness when you help someone else. However, you have to do this for them, not to get something in return. By supporting them for their sake, you will have a soul to soul connection, thereby lifting your soul, too.

But if you do the action from for the accolades, or worse out of pressure, you will get nothing of the soul, but only appease your ego. Neither the approval or appeasing the guilt will make you happy from the inside. Your action may still help the other, but you (ie. your soul) will get nothing.

If you want to have joy in your life, do the right thing for the right reason and lift your own soul.

What do I mean by the "right reason?" I mean do it for them. You might or might not get something from it. In fact, you can't count on getting anything. But ironically, you often gain something because you gave since you were operating from your soul.

I am defining the soul as pure joy, pure love, and pure truth. If f you want to be happy, focus on living from your soul.

Even when you are the one down and out, or being helped, you can give a compliment, or notice the other person. Give back some goodness. By giving, you will feel better, even when you are the one being cared for.

Today, you will have many choices to live meaningfully. I suggest you try an experiment and help someone else. You can do this by giving away your time, your money, or your energy. Even a genuine smile is an act of kindness. My hunch is that in helping the other for their sake, you will gain more energy, feel like you mattered and be happier!

Let me know how it goes and send an email to

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