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New Blessings are on the Horizon

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Every lasting good thing in our lives arises from moments of vulnerability.

Did you know that the most painful moment of pregnancy is the moment prior to giving birth? In that case, we seem to be in the process of giving birth to new life.

When things are dark and confusing we tend to perceive them as negative.

Yet, a mother giving birth is in a dark painful place just before she hears the sound of her new born baby.

In this time of vulnerability, we are in position to create new blessings for the future. Think about it, when your routine disappears and the usual ground you stand on doesn’t exist anymore, what’s left? You have to dig deep for stability. What are you digging deep for?

Your soul. Your own creativity!

That’s why they say “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Those pieces of your soul you bring forward become the positive lasting things in your future.

If you were ever in a dark place in your life, you might remember how little energy you had then. But when you did push to move, you planted seeds for the blessings you have today. The light or goodness you dug deep for when it was so hard to move is still showing up for your today.

How do I know this? Because that’s the way the soul works.

As a world, new information and innovation are emerging at an exponential pace. This transformational pace could be happening to you, too.

So, as the world we once knew continues to unwind, I urge you to push yourself and do just a little something that’s perhaps difficult for you. That difficult task is also good for you. You might consider balancing out this difficult task by doing 2 or 3 fun things as a reward.

But do that difficult, good for you thing, because it matters to your future more than ever!

Go ahead, do something that takes a little discipline and that matters.

Now is the time more than ever before, to plant the seeds for your destiny by doing that difficult task.

Your small actions of today will become significant manifestations for your future.

I wish you safety and good health during this time of great change.

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