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Where are Your Roses?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Roses are always in the midst of thorns

What are those ideas and projects you have listed in the back of your mind?

You know the ones that you want to do but haven’t had the time. Take a deep breath and begin small. Roses begin as seeds.

You can even start in small segments like 15 minutes at a time.

You’ll love doing your project, or cleaning that cupboard because you will be creative.

And being creative is the antidote to fear and boredom.

This pandemic will end. You will come out of isolation. What are you going to wish you had done with this gift of time?

Now is the time. And if you haven’t exercised your skills for house projects in a while, be patient with yourself. Doing something you haven't done in a while is like taking a spiritual muscle out of atrophy. You can bring it back.

When you teach a part of yourself to come out of passivity you bring more of yourself online. Just because you haven’t done something in a while, or maybe ever, doesn’t mean you can’t. You'll feel proud of yourself, as well you should.

So go ahead, take on that new project and let me know how it went. Is your project going to be exercise? Perhaps cleaning that extra room, or even corner of a room?

Maybe you feel like painting or doing another fix it yourself project that you hadn’t dared to do till now.

Let me know how it goes by contacting me at

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